ReNewell, Inc. Fine Art Conservation ReNewell, Inc. Fine Art Conservation
The practice of art restoration and conservation reaches as far back as the thirteenth century. Despite its lengthy history, the technical and ethical concepts of the practice have changed with each new generation of conservators. What was once considered a trade or minor craftsmanship, involving "secret recipes" being passed down to trusted colleagues or apprentices, is now a multidisciplinary profession. Faced with the challenge of preserving our culture's historic and aesthetic heritage, it is a constant dialogue between art, history, and science. Today's approach to art restoration and conservation consists of analysis, investigation, and clearly defined and designed solutions and treatments. Today's conservators are held to a strict code of ethics which centers on two unwavering tenets: first, to do no harm; and second, to make all treatments as reversible as possible.

One should know the difference between conservation and restoration. Conservation is meant to prevent deterioration, while restoration is the process of fixing damage in a work. The field of conservation is placing an increasing emphasis on conservation, especially preventing damage by controlling the environment in which a piece is kept. But even with the all of the scientific advances, technology, and training, truly effective conservation and restoration work still depends on the sensitivity and ability of each individual conservator.

Treatments for pieces vary depending on a number of factors, including the purpose (are they archival pieces, or will they be hung on a wall for everyday viewing?), the historical significance, the aesthetics (how does the piece look?), and the condition of the supports (the surface on which the piece is drawn or painted) and media (materials from which the pieces are made, like pencils, oil paints, etc.). ReNewell, Inc. specializes in the treatment of works of art on paper and oil paintings.

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